Financial analysis

In just a few minutes you can get a thorough and accurate assessment of the current financial state of your company in order to make correct decisions to improve your business. It is based on International Financial Reporting Standards.

Financial analysis of the company is characterized by a system of indicators, reflecting the state of capital in the process of its circulation and the company`s ability to finance its activities. The main goal of financial analysis is to identify a small set of key parameters. They give an objective and accurate picture of the financial condition of the organization, its profit and loss, changes in the structure of assets and liabilities and settlements with debtors and creditors. The goal of financial analysis is to assist in identifying the problems faced by the company. It also helps in solving a particular set of interrelated analytical problems.The analytical problem is how to define the objectives of financial analysis, taking into account organizational information, technical and methodological capacity for analysis.

Financial analysis includes:

Advantages of financial analysis:

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